Why Art Is Now Luxury Condos Hottest Sales Tool

luxury condo

There has always been a good relationship between the wealthy and art. For many generations, the rich have appreciated the role of artwork in transforming spaces. The commingling of fancy art and real estate is therefore not a new thing. That said, art is enjoying some renaissance and, New York…

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Investing in Greater New York Area

new york real estate

Real estate market in the greater New York areas of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Harlem has over the last few years achieved record growths. The market highlights the remarkable economic turnaround and resilience of the market with Manhattan and Brooklyn leading the way as some of the areas that quickly recovered…

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Investing in Manhattan Real Estate – A Market Guide for Investors

buying property in new york

Buying a property in New York area is a remarkable investment irrespective of whether you are looking to buy a residential or a commercial property. Investing in real estate is an assuring investment that not only offers you with a significant amount of profit but also insulation on your investment…

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The Rise, Rise and Rise of Real Estate Industry in Harlem

harlem real estate

Over the last few years, real estate development in Harlem has witnessed a magical transformation. Harlem is no longer in the shadows of other areas traditionally preferred for real estate development like Manhattan and Brooklyn. Today, Harlem is a contender for the ideal place to invest in real estate. The…

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The Rise of Crowdfunding Real East Projects in New York


New York is one of the true hubs of real estate in the world and its Manhattan can be seen as its beating heart. Now, the same place is about to witness the next step in the process of developing different properties in the city, but also across the U.S….

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